Max Benedict Wins Bachelor Grand Rapids @ River House Contest!

It’s official – Max Benedict has taken the crown as Bachelor Grand Rapids @ River House! Max was one of more than 60 eligible bachelors who tried out for the contest to represent River House Condominium’s newest Penthouse – THE BACHELOR PAD.

In addition to being part of all future advertising and promotion of THE BACHELOR PAD, Max was also awarded three weekend stays in any of the finished models at River House – including THE BACHELOR PAD to be used anytime within the next year. Finally, his keys to THE BACHELOR PAD also included a parking fob that will grand him access to downtown parking for the rest of 2011.


Two Hours Until The Announcement!


Me, Max, and 616

This date was originally scheduled for Saturday but we have a change of plans.  My passion in life is getting in the gym and coaching high school girls basketball, it brings so much joy to my life and is a huge part of who I am.  On Saturday I received news that one of my players from last year, who is now on our varsity team at Catholic Central was critically injured in a car accident so we rescheduled the date for last night so I could be with my girls during this time.  The last few days have been a blur so when I got ready to go meet Max last night I can honestly say I wasn’t in the best of spirits.  Now this is where I thank Max, he was so wonderful the whole night, I mean it, just amazing.  The next thing I knew it was 2 and half hours later and I just realized for the first time since Saturday I did something normal and wasn’t so focused on the tragedy that we are all going through and I can’t thank Max enough for a wonderful night.

The food at 616 was so good but the company and the conversation was above and beyond. On Thursday we announce the winner of the Bachelor of River House and I just wanted to thank everyone who participated, it has been a fun ride.

My player Mary, remains in critical condition and is fighting hard so please any prayers you can send her way are greatly appreciated.

My Date @ One Trick Pony – Great Food. Great Music. Great Company.

There are so many cool places to eat in Grand Rapids. From the heights of Cygnus to the charm and fun of One Trick Pony, these last two dates have been completely opposite and still a lot of fun.

One of the great things about One Trick Pony is how low-key it is. You can just focus on the great food – and in the case of this past weekend – great music, too.   It was interesting to finally get Chad separated from the group. He is usually so quiet and reserved (Not that he was dancing on tables at dinner).   I was just able to see a side of Chad that I hadn’t seen before – and really, isn’t that what dates are all about?

This decision isn’t getting any easier. One more date to go – with Max – before we announce the winner on March 10th!

Next Date – One Trick Pony with Chad

This weekend Chad and I will be going out to One Trick Pony.  I’m looking forward to a low-key evening of great food, drinks, and, of course, live music. If you haven’t been to One Trick Pony – you should definitely check it out!

Dinner @ Cygnus with Nick

Saturday was the first of the one on one dates and Nick and I went to Cygnus.  I haven’t been there since they remodeled and I was shocked at how great the restaurant looked. It was different for me to look out a window at River House since I am always looking at the city from the amazing views of River House. It was a wonderful atmosphere, the food was great, the wait staff was so nice and also very entertaining but the company was the best part. Nick and I had a great time and Chad and Max have their work cut out of them.

Next up, Chad and I will be heading to One Trick Pony for dinner and some live music. So many great places to choose from downtown!

Top Three Bachelors Announced!

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And I thought the first cut was difficult.   Cutting down from seven to three was nearly impossible.  Each of the guys bring something different and unique to the competition and I’ve had so much fun the last two weeks getting to know the guys and it will be so weird moving forward without the entire gang. But, I have a job to do – this bachelor pad needs a face!

Congratulations to Nick Bykerk, Chad Zagel and Max Benedict. You have made it to the finals of the Grand Rapids Bachelor @ River House competition.  One-on-one dates will begin this weekend. I’ll keep you posted on the plans.

The good news, no more eliminations until the final event on March 10th.

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